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Redstick C.A.R.E.S. is an organization committed to building a resilient community in greater Baton Rouge and the surrounding nine parishes by improving the community's behavioral, mental and social health through human connection. 

We do this by providing counseling and therapy, programs for people with special needs, disabilities, and/or who may be on the autism spectrum, educational and skill building activities, support groups, school system advocacy, and a dedicated CARES phone line to connect those in need to our programs and resources.


Redstick C.A.R.E.S. exists in hopes of creating a resilient community by providing access to human connection through counseling, advocacy, resources, education, and support services for families
and individuals in the greater Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes.

Our Mission

Our Values

Human Connection
No person, community, or ecosystem exists in isolation. We need each other. And we need to learn from each other. We believe the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of our community. Providing free, accessibility, immediate, and consistent avenues for human connection is our path to wellbeing. 

To serve our mission, we hold ourselves and our services to high standards. We are committed to providing quality and timely attention to those in need. We honor our community by doing the next right thing, even when no one is looking. 

Systemic Justice
Every member of our community deserves access to care and opportunity to reach their full potential. In service to our mission, with the help of those most affected, we identify and address barriers to access of quality services. 

Active Hope
To build the community we deserve, we must see beyond current challenges and choose to take action. Believing in change is our commitment to creating a resilient community.

We do not see challenges and setbacks as barriers to change. We fail when we are unwilling to adapt. With creativity and innovations, we push forward with courage and resolution. 

Our C.A.R.E.S.

How we CARE and CONNECT to you.

Our Programs

Our programs address life issues and challenges while also inspiring and encouraging in a non-threatening, safe, yet fun manner.  Goals for our programs are to empower every individual to lead purposeful, independent, self-sufficient lives. From social groups, to art, camps, tutoring, cooking classes, reading readiness, to exercise, our comprehensive programs serve infants, children, youth, teens, young adults, adults, parents, special needs, seniors, LGBTQ+ population, and groups with other needs.

For a comprehensive list, click below.

Our Calendar

See our calendar full of classes, gatherings, activities, do-good ventures, camps, and events! Check out our calendar here!

How You Can CARE Too


No matter how old you are, where your passion lies, or whether or not you can donate items or money, you can help build a stronger Baton Rouge—and you can start right now by volunteering your time and talents!


"I'm typically not the type to open up and share my feelings, especially with a stranger. Lauren's caring and nonjudgmental approach has provided me with tools to move forward."

C. female, 31

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